New Interview

Check out the latest Damsel Fly interview. Dave Smith from Ravenheart Music interviews Lisa about music, life and new projects in the works.

Damsel Fly signs UK Record Deal!

Damsel Fly has just signed a UK deal with Ravenheart Music Records! The album 'What Lies Beneath' will now be available in record stores throughout the UK.

-Damsel Fly

Damsel Fly Update

For all of you who have been curious as to what the band has been up to, check out the links below to see what each member has been working on.

Lisa - Mojave
Mike - Friends of Thieves
Mario - Pedwell
Chris - Good Night Mars
Jared is jamming.

Buy What Lies Beneath on iTunes

Damsel Fly's album, What Lies Beneath, is now available on iTunes. All tracks are just $0.99 and can be easily downloaded directly from the iTunes website

Live Video

Damsel Fly performing their song, No Way Out, at The Roxy in Vancouver, May 22, 2007.

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Damsel Fly Photos

Check out the latest promotional photos of Damsel Fly.

Damsel Fly Band Photo

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